Your hair loves to eat it——Best Women Hair Regrowth Vitamin


Vitamins are essential nutrients that involved in all processes of bodily functions. Besides Vitamin D, our body can not produce Vitamins by itself. People of different ages have different needs for a particular Vitamin. For many middle-aged women, the daily intake of Vitamins does not meet the recommended standards, lack of enough Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E is main cause of thinning hair and hair loss. It is said that only in North America, women who over age 40 faces up to 50 percent of problems of thinning and serious hair loss. Today to get enough Vitamins and make body keep balance are a challenge for many women.

B Vitamins—Amezing dietary supplement

There are more than 12 species water-soluble Vitamins in B Vitamins family. Eight of which are universally recognized as human basic needs, they are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. Dairy supplements containing all eight are referred to as Vitamin B complex. In general, Each of B Vitamins is chemically distinct and related to each other in the same foods. B Vitamins are essential nutrient in human tissues and involved in a metabolism of sugar, protein and fat in body, they are key to help unlock the energy in foods. They help to boost red blood cell activity and delivering oxygen to whole body include hair follicles, Especially B5, B6,B7play important role in preventing thinning hair and hair loss and maintaining skin vitality. B Vitamins remain in the body for only a few hours and must be refilled daily.

* Vitamin B5’s benefits for dry hair

Vitamin B5 also known as Pantothenic acid, has a hydration effect on hair and skin. It helps form protective membranes of the scalp and hair, keeping the hair hydrate, preventing hair from losing its color, strengthening the firmness and reducing the fracture of hair. When your hair is dull and thinning, it is better to take VitaminB5 supplement for help hair shinning and smooth.

* Vitamin B6’s benefits for hair regrowth

Vitamin B6 also called Pyridoxine, serves as coenzyme and is involved in the metabolism of amino acids, proteins, fats and sugars in the human body. A woman’s estrogen metabolism needs Vitamin B6, it helps in regulating the synthesis of fats and fatty acids, inhibiting lipid secretion and stimulating hair regrowth. It is very important component for women’ s healthy hair and skin. Women who suffer from Seborrheir Alopecia, or suffer from insomnia, balding, pessimistic, grumpy as a result of taking the pill, better to take Vitamin B6 for promoting healthy.

* Biotin—Your hair’s favorit nutrient

The basic ingredients of hair is keratin. Keratin is made up of amino acids. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, Vitamin H, plays a decisive role for affecting the synthesis of protein and metabolism of amino acids. As an important component of enzymes, biotin not only helps cells growth, it also promotes the normal operation and growth of sweat glands, nerve tissue, skin and hair.

Biotin’s nickname Vitamin “H” come from the German words “ Haar & Haut” which just mean “ hair & skin”. Women with biotin deficiency often show symptoms of hair thinning, brittle nails, irritate and dry skin etc.

Biotin cannot be artificially synthesized. Middle-aged women want to maintain health of hair and skin for a young, attractive appearance, it is necessary to include the fair amount of the biotin in the daily diet. Nature biotin helps hair grow longer and thicker. Foods rich in biotin include cooked egg yolk, fish, milk, almond, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower.


Vitamin A—Improve the health of hair follicles

Vitamin A is good for overall health, especially hair and nails. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that are known for their ability to promote healthy blood circulation, which helps to maintain the normal function and structure of scalp and promote hair growth and development.

Vitamin A can be taken as an oral supplement or used in a topical oil approach. Applying a Vitamin A solution to the scalp can aid in improving the health of the scalp and hair follicle. Vitamin A is vital towards being able to prevent hair loss and promote stronger hair regrowth.


Vitamin E—Prevent hair cells from aging

Vitamin E is natural antioxidants. Vitamin E not only has anti-aging effect to the skin, but also is indispensable nutrient source to the hair. Especially the direct exposure of strong ultraviolet ray every day, the contamination of dust in the air, can cause harm to hair cell. Vitamin E prevent hair cells from aging and damage.








Simple Acupressure Method To Prevent Hair Loss

1 What is Acupressure Massage (穴位按摩)


MeridianTCM Theory describes there are twelve principal meridians that carry energy are divided into Yin (阴)and Yang(阳) groups throughout the human body. The special acupressure points, or acupoints (穴位), that follow specific meridians, or channels within your body. Meridians(经络)exist in corresponding pairs and each meridian has may acupoints along its path. Acupressure is an important therapy developed over 5000 years ago in ancient China, till present it still has been a very popular medical healing method in Asian. Acupressure massage, or Acupoint pressure therapy (穴位按摩法), use precise finger placement and gentle finger pressure over specific healing points along the body, promoting blood circulation, stimulating and invigorating the meridians, in order to achieve the purpose of activating the vitality, preventing and treating diseases, adjusting the function of human being.

2 Apply Simple Pressure from Head to Feet 




a. FengChi point (GB20) 风池穴 Fengchi

English Name: Wind Pool

Benefit: FengChi point is a very powerful point for regulating blood circulation to the head, preventing hair fall and stimulating healthy growth of your hair. It is also a good point used for headaches and neck pains.

Location: Right at the base of skull where the top of neck muscles attach to.

Acupressure Technique: Clasp your hands together back of Fengchi acupressure head,interlock the ten fingers of the hands, open your palms, slide two thumbs down to the two GB20 points, use a gentle circular motion, with light to moderate pressure to make deep and firm massage, continuing for 10 to 60 seconds. Close your eyes and be relax. Repeat as necessary throughout the day.

b. BaiHui point (GV20) 百会穴 Baihuipoint

English Name: Hundred Convergences

Benefit: BaiHui is the highest powerful point where all of Yang 阳 energies of our body meet and converge. If you acupressure GV20 ( Baihui) often, it helps inner balance, promotes blood circulation, calms exaggerated emotions, eliminates nervous exhaustion, anxiety, depression and sleeping disorder. Which is very helpful for hair regrowth. GV20 is also used for headaches, poor memory, weakness, dizziness, eye pain, red eyes, pale skin, rhinitis, colds, nervous weakness.

Location: At the very top of skull. Put your thumbs at the tips of the two ears, open your hands upwards and follow the line, where the two middle fingers meet at the top of head. It is very easy to find it.

Acupressure Technique: Step1. Find GV20, apply both of index finger and middle finger on the point, make a circular massage with moderate pressure, close your eyes, count from 30 to 60 seconds.

Baihuimassage Step 2. Use same fingers to massage back and forth around Baihui point for 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 3. Take your two hands and put them on the front side of head, spread your ten fingers and align them with your hairline, apply pressure starting massage scalp up to the GV20 for 5 times, then move your hands to the back side, apply pressure with your ten fingers, massage scalp from bottom of head up to the GV20 for 5 times.

Repeat as necessary throughout the day.

c. YongQuan point (Kd1) 涌泉穴 Yongquanpoint

English Name: Bubbling Spring or Gushing Spring

Benefit: TCM believes that the nutrition absorbed by the hair is directly supplied by the kidney. When kidney essence is sufficient, the hair can be thick and not easy to fall off, also rarely appear dandruff. On the contrary, kidney deficiency and loss of essence, hair will easily turn to white and fall off. YongQuan is exactly the acupoint of the kidney meridian, located at the bottom of foot, playing the role of invigorating the kidney. If insist to massage YongQuan point, it will have great effect on preventing hair loss and early white hair. It is also a very good treatment point for hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis.

Location: Lies in the depression found in the heart of the sole, about one third the distance from the toes to heel, in other words, it is where your thumb will naturally fall in the center of your foot.

YongquanmassageAcupressure Technique: Sit in a straight-back chair, rest the ankle of your left leg over the knee or thigh of right leg, cradle your left foot in your left hand, right hand clench fist, with the knuckle of the fist knock the Kd1 for 20-50 times, then using your right thumb to massage with moderate to deep pressure——YongQuan, Continues for 20-50 times, switch sides.


Acupressure with Foot Massager: I have a Foot Massager in my Footchartbathroom, I use it almost every day. All organs in the human body have nerves that extend to the base of the foot. We have a lot of nerves and acupoints in the foot, which is called the plantar reflex area. Instead of finger pressure, Foot Massager is not only stimulating the YongQuan Point, but also massaging all the points at the foot nerves that connect to other parts of your body. When the soles of the feet are massaged, the meridians around the whole body are relaxed, you will feel good all over and sleep all night long. It naturally will prevent hair loss.

Take time out of your day to massage the acupoints on your scalp and soles of your feet, don’t be too concerned if the acupressure isn’t in place, any massage near the acupoint is effective. Of course, it works better if you get it right.  Come on, move your fingers and perservere, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let’s create a beautiful hair with simple pressure.




















Homemade Hair Growth Remedy—seeds + berries + beans

The Main Causes of Hair Loss in Middle Aged Women

Hairlosspic1. Menopause

Menopause typically occurs in women when their late 40s and early 50s. Some women experience premenopause (before they hit their 40s). During the climacteric transition years, hormonal imbalance is commonly experienced by women. Hair follicles need estrogen to sustain hair growth. When the production of estrogen drops, an androgen known as DHT (a form of Testosterone) appears to bind to hair follicles and force them to go into their “resting” phases, causing the new hairs to grow even thinner with each cycle of hair growth. Estrogen deficiency eventually results in hair loss, one of the most physically noticeable menopause symptoms.

2. Stress Stresspic

Physical or emotional changes, upsetting situations, and traumatic events are common parts of life. They cause middle -aged women to experience anxiety and/or emotional stress, causing hair loss. The worry, fear, sadness, loneliness, frustration, mood swings, and sleep deprivation that women can experience results in an increased need for the “stress hormone” cortisol. The adrenal glands become overworked due to this increased need, leading the body to produce a stronger variant of testosterone that can clog hair follicles, block nutrient absorbtion, and affect blood circulation.

Nutritionpic3. Nutrient Deficiency

Women’s hair needs a variety of nutrients from vitamins and minerals in order to maintain its health and stimulate growth. Unhealthy methods to lose weight, particularly the development of eating disorders, leaves your body depleted of essential nutrients. This results in a dry, matte texture in your hair and hair loss. Iron and protein deficiency will stifle healthy hair growth within a few months. Ensure that you’re eating foods with sufficient protein and unrefined grains to prevent this deficiency. In addition, consuming too much sugar and bad fats (trans fat) can result in hair loss.

4. The  Pill Pillpic

Medications are used by women all the time. Certain medications have side effects that can cause hair loss by interfering with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth. The most commonly used pill is birth control. The AHLA ( American Hair Loss Association) recommends women, especially those with a predisposition to hair loss, to be cautious of the potential side effects of pills. It is better to take contraceptives with a low androgen index to avoid the effects of DHT. The AHLA also cautions women of hormonal medications and therapies, as they can all trigger hair loss.

Hair loss can happen suddenly or gradually. When there is more rapid pressure applied to your hair through activities such as brushing or washing, hair can fall out even more quickly. By managing the health of your body, intaking nutrients, using safe hair care products, having a healthy lifestyle, and a bit of patience, you can relieve poor hair health.

Three Natural and Effective Remedies for Hair Growth

Since my mom suffered through hair loss and breast cancer, she found natural solution from traditional oriental medicine. She realized her imbalanced hormones and nutrition, accompanied with stress, was the main reason for her weaker immune system at middle age. There is a wide range of drugs that claim to work miracles for hair loss or health problems. After taking prescription drugs that didn’t have ideal results, my mom created her own natural remedies at home to help fight hair loss and breast cancer. She found three treasured remedies from traditional Chinese medicine to help treat hormonal imbalance. They are safe, affordable, and have no side effects. Below are three effective and highly recommended remedies that are beneficial for both hair growth and the overall health of your body, used since ancient times.

1  Black Sesame seedsBlackseseam

Black sesame seeds are different from other types of sesame seeds. One black sesame seed contains an exceptionally high amount of antioxidants that help boost the immune system. In Chinese traditional medicine, black sesame seeds are considered one of the best anti-aging properties and can prevent hair loss as well as reverse gray hair. Black sesame seeds have eight indispensable essential amino acids that the human body cannot live wit hout. They are rich in Vitamin E and several B vitamins, such as B1, B2, and B6. These vitamins help improve blood circulation beneath the skin and scalp, keeping the skin vibrant and healthy. They also produce new hair cells that stimulate hair growth, promote the vitality of hair, and reverse gray hair. They also maintain your scalp’s moisture, preventing dry and brittle hair, and give your hair a natural shine. The magnesium in black sesame seeds help regulate blood pressure and sleep patterns, especially during menopause. Black sesame seeds are also an excellent source of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3’s, and dietary minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous, cooper and zinc. Besides maintaining hair health, black sesame seeds also help maintain your inner health and prevent certain diseases and cancers.

2  Goji berriesGoji

Goji berries, also known as wolf berries, are both a fruit and a herb. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Rich in antioxidents, Goji contains 19 Amino acids and has the highest concentration of protein of any fruit. These berries contain more Vitamin C than oranges and more carotenoids than carrots. They are an excellent source of 12 trace minerals, including selenium, germanium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and a high amount of iron. This unique little fruit also contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal compounds. With so much nutrition, this small, red orange fruit is very popular among Chinese herbalists.

Chinese women believe that hair is just like a mirror that reflects the health of our bodies. According to traditional Chinese medicine, hair growth is closely linked to the health of the kidney and liver. Hair loss can be a reflection of decreased kidney and liver function. Goji is a helpful supplement to our kidneys and liver by ridding our bodies of wastes and toxins. Women from ancient times enjoyed eating Goji for healthier hair and to reduce skin pigmentation such as dark age spots and wrinkles. It’s the perfect anti-aging food.

Goji berries are most commonly available in a dried form like raisins. You can eat them raw, use as a topping, soak them in water for a few hours to make a Goji berry tea or use them in smoothies.

3  Black beansBlackbeans

Black beans are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D, K, 10 different minerals, and protein that encourages hair growth. Isoflavone is a very special ingredient in black beans. It is a natural plant hormone that helps prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer patients should not consume foods with animal hormones as it can worsen the cancer. They should consume more botanical hormones, such as isoflavone. In addition, black beans can help reduce discomfort caused by menopause and regulate DHT levels, accelerating hair growth.

Homemade hair growth remedy: seeds + berries + beans


Ingredients: Bseseamdrink

Organic Black Sesame Seeds ( 1/8 cup ) + Organic Goji Berries ( 1/8 cup ) + Organic Black beans( 1/2 cup ),

Organic honey (1Tbsb)

1) Prepare a frying pan, wash black beans before fry (do not soak them in the water) .

2) Set oven to 270 degrees F, roast black sesame seeds in oven for 5 minutes.

3) Put black beans in the pan, stir-fry on low heat. Turn off the heat when you hear a shutter sound (be careful to not burn the beans)

4) Fill drinking container/bottle with boiled water

5) Put black beans and black sesame seeds in water, then put Goji berries in the water, add honey if you like. Let all ingredients soak in the water for a few minutes till the water changes color. Drink it between lunch and dinner time every day. Refridgerate if you prefer a colder drink.

Other ways to make this remedy is to add black sesame seed powder and black beans powder in boiled drinking water together, then add Goji and honey. You can also boil beans, seeds, and Goji altogether in a crock pot, add sugar and honey to taste.

However, we would like to stress that what you eat will not have an immediate difference on the hair you already have. It takes time to see any results when it comes to promote hair growth, as well as solve other similar problems. By the way, maintaining a good lifestyle, sleep well, keep exercise like yoga, biking, meditation etc all are equally important if you want to maintain healthy scalp.


Welcome! I am Jasmine. I created this website to share with you several effective ways to naturally prevent hair loss.

My Mom’s Hair Story

When I was a kid, I loved to play with my mom’s hair. I used to help my mom comb her beautiful black hair in front of the mirror. When my mom came to tuck me in at night, my hands liked to wrap around her long thick hair and smell its fruity fragrance before falling asleep.

I don’t remember when my mother’s hair loss began.  Her hair was falling out every day, and I constantly found multiple strands on the floor. My mother was incredibly worried. She cut her hair short. She went to doctors, took medications for three years, but there was little change. Shortly after, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the beginning of her cancer treatment, her thinning hair lost its dark, healthy color and grayed to a bright white. My mother decided to stop taking her doctor recommended medications  and refused to go through chemotherapy after surgery. She wanted to find a natural solution to her illness.

My mother began using her own natural solution. After two years, she grew new, black, healthy hair.  The doctor predicted that she would only live for three to five years after her cancer diagnosis. However, my mother continued to use her natural solution, and she still lives to this day, thirty years later.

My mother is a prime example of how beneficial the use of natural ingredients and remedies can be. They support your immune system and strengthen your body. My mother understood that taking the chemical treatments and medications her doctor prescribed would not be good for her in the long run. I am not suggesting that you should neglect what your doctor thinks is best for you. However, my mother and I both strongly believe that her decision to use her own natural remedy played a large role in her new hair growth and a longer life.

I Want To Help You

After my second child was born, my hair was beginning to gray and was increasingly falling out. I was nervous, frustrated, and even depressed. I felt as if my youth had ended, and  I was aging faster than I should. I feared that I was losing my attractiveness. My mother had greater social anxiety because of hair loss. She avoided seeing friends and did not go out unless it was for work. I didn’t want to experience the same suffering that my mother went through. Feeling stressed, I researched natural ways to prevent hair loss and began eating a natural diet that my mom ate to help treat herself. In just a year, I noticed less hair loss and white strands.

I understand what it feels like to be a middle-aged woman starting to experience hair loss. It was not until my hair loss that I realized how important of a role hair plays in my social life. It is one of the first things people notice when they meet me, and it helps structure one’s first impression of me.  People can notice very quickly when you are losing your hair.

My mother and I both suffered through the stress and social anxiety caused by hair loss. We both solved the problem by finding natural solutions. We strongly  believe in the use of a simple, natural remedy because it brings additional benefits that  improve our overall health.

I know there are many ordinary women who are experiencing hair loss and are seeking the best way to prevent this problem. That is why I am here to show how I overcame the hair loss problem.

This website is a place for me to share safe, healthy and effective solutions that have worked for both my mom and me. My goal is to help you defeat the physical and emotional distress from losing hair and bring back your confidence.